Mt Rinjani Trek under Rinjani Eco Adventures is a travel services company that is one of the business areas of PT Alam Berkah Lombok. PT Alam Berkah Lombok main office is in Selagalas – Mataram – NTB, while Rinjani Eco Adventures office in Senaru, Jalan Pariwisata – Senaru, Bayan Lombok Utara, NTB Indonesia 83354, established by Notary No.06 on December 5th , 2014, the Notary Office Ahsan Ramali, SH.

Rinjani Eco Adventures was founded by Mr. Abdurrahim and colleagues. Mr. Abdurrahim himself is the one who has been very experienced in the tourism industry services. He has been in existence as a tour guide and tour operators throughout Indonesia since 1996. Serving local and foreign tourists.

Now, Rinjani Eco Adventures ready to serve the domestic and foreign tourists who want to travel, to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia, adventure in the mountains of the archipelago are so exotic, from Mount Rinjani , Tambora, Semeru, Bromo, Agung Mountain and others in Indonesia.

Diving and snorkeling roam the seas of Indonesia so dazzling, chatting with fish and coral in the bund beautiful Lombok Island, Bunaken Marine Park Komodo and Raja Ampat amazing charm.

Especial for Rinjani Mountain trekking, Rinjani Eco Adventures work by involving the community of local person who train under official association in Villages of Senaru called “ Rinjani Trek Centre “ and Sembalun called “ Rinjani Information centre “ and also with community of local people around Tete batu , beside that Rinjani Eco Adventures also involve some student from University in Mataram who active in an extracurricular activities called “ The Student natures lovers “ ( MAPALA = Mahasiswa Pencinta Alam ) , We work with them as our partner to keep clean and nature Rinjani Mountain together with our Local guides and porters .

Rinjani Eco Adventures also ready to serve you who want to surf on the beaches of the exotic with challenging waves on the island of Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores. Is also ready to accompany you to enjoy the charm of the interior of Borneo forests, forests and waterfalls on the island of Lombok, Komodo, Rinca, and others.

For those of you who love traveled the culture, Rinjani Eco Adventures was ready to accompany. Escort you surf culture Lombok, Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sumatra and Sulawesi, and others.


Managing Director: Abdurrahim , AMd

Commissioner: Ahmad Sabli S.Pd

Secretary: Sumiati

Sales Marketing: Abdurrahim .AMd, Yusri ,Marzwan Jo


Jalan Peternakan Selagalas No. 8 & Complex senggigi Square

Phone: 085374585555 – 08190760006